latest news

Due to the difficult economic climate Positive Focus is no longer trading. Our Technical Centre at Shepperton is now closed, and both LP&TS Ltd, which formerly traded as Positive Focus, and Positive Focus Europe Ltd, are in Liquidation.

Thanks to all our loyal customers who supported us over many years.

In case of support requirements on products previously supplied by Positive Focus you can call 08456 120 246 or 03330 881 801 for the latest information. We are trying to ensure that appropriate support is available for all products. In many cases contracted support will be available from the manufacturers themselves. If not, or if you need something that is unlikely to be covered by their support contracts, or you are outside of a contract, we may direct you to a third party provider

If you are considering purchasing products previously supplied by us, you can call these same numbers for up to date information on the best place to see a demonstration, purchase the software, obtain training and support etc.


Numbers to call

08456 120 246 (answerphone)
03330 881 801